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Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are small, nocturnal, wingless insects that belong to the family of Cimicidae. They feed on human blood and other warm-blooded hosts. Their skin color is rust brown to a deeper red brown. Bed bugs are also known as “mahogany flats,” “red coats” and “chinches.” The adult bed bug does not have wings and has a flattened body.

Common Ways you become Infested with Bed Bugs

  • Bugs and eggs inadvertently brought in from other infested dwellings on a visiting person’s clothing or luggage;
  • Infested items (such as furniture, clothing, or backpacks) brought in;
  • Nearby dwellings or infested items, if easy routes are available for travel, e.g. through ducts or false ceilings;
  • Wild animals (such as bats or birds) that may also harbour bed bugs or related species.
  • People visiting an infested area (e.g. dwelling, means of transport, entertainment venue, or lodging) and carrying the bugs to another area on their clothing, luggage, or bodies. Bedbugs are increasingly found in air travel.

Treatment Options

We perform both conventional (chemicals) and heat treatments for bed bugs. Both methods have their challenges, but are equally effective. However, we have found that the conventional method for bed bug removal is usually longer lasting. This method is also less expensive.

In contrast, heat treatments offer certain advantages when it comes to bed bug management. Heat is non-toxic and can kill ALL bed bug life stages including bed bug eggs. Most heat treatments need to be used in combination with other non-chemical and/or chemical methods to control an infestation. We perform a targeted crack and crevice treatment using an odorless and non-staining desiccant dust to prevent re-infestation.

All RPC heat treatments are performed using specialized professional electric heating equipment. Our heat treatments generally allow us to heat one room, or an entire apartment/home depending on size, and easily penetrates mattresses, box springs, furniture, carpets, walls, and ceilings without fear of damaging the structure, furniture, or other personal items. From start to finish it usually takes 6 to 12 hours to thoroughly treat a room.

Preparation is needed for both methods of treatment. Learn more about our heat treatments and conventional treatments for bed bug control.

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